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Centrum Sound Systems
Your Source for Public Address and Hearing Enhancement Systems

Centrum Sound is a principal supplier of portable public address systems and classroom sound field systems for educational, municipal, corporate and military applications. In addition, we carry a full line of tour guide systems, simultaneous language interpretation equipment, and assistive listening systems for hearing assistance in educational institutions and ADA compliance in public facilities.

All-in-One PA Sound System

Portable PA & Wireless Sound Systems
Arrow Large venue PA & Sound systems for crowds up to 5,000 people.
Arrow Compact waistband PA systems for smaller crowds up to 80 people.
Arrow Wireless microphones for hands-free operation.
Arrow Bluetooth receivers and combo MP3/CD players.
Arrow Eight hours run time on battery power.
Arrow Hard and soft transport cases with wheels.
Arrow No operator skills required.

Tour Guide Systems

Tour Guide Systems
Arrow Lightweight shoulder & waistband PA systems.
Arrow One-way and Two-way digital FM systems.
Arrow Multi-channel systems for interference free operation.
Arrow Rechargeable batteries, chargers, storage and carry cases.
Arrow International frequencies and AC chargers.

Language translation system

Language Interpretation Systems
Arrow Four-Channel large area infrared systems.
Arrow Single and multi-channel FM systems
Arrow One-on-One systems for courtroom interpreters.
Arrow Rechargeable batteries, chargers, storage and carry cases.
Arrow International AC chargers and power supplies available.

Assistive Listening Systems for ADA Compliance

Assistive Listening Systems & Devices
Arrow Large area FM based hearing assistance systems.
Arrow Personal FM systems for hearing assistance & CAPD.
Arrow Infrared assistive listening systems for multiplex facilities.
Arrow Systems tailored to comply with ADA requirements.

Wireless Microphone Systems

Replacement Parts and Closeouts
Arrow Anchor Audio Replacement Microphones.
Arrow Phonic Ear Replacement Parts and Accessories.
Arrow Williams Sound Replacement Microphones and Headphones.
Arrow Conference microphones for recording and ALD applications.
Arrow Closeouts.

Business and Reference Section

About Centrum Sound
Arrow Terms and Conditions of Sales.
Arrow Assistive listening devices reference & application guide.
Arrow Helpful links to related resource pages.