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Phonic Ear Easy Listener Replacement Parts

Easy Listener PartsWilliams Sound Personal PFM Pro FM system

The Easy Listener has been discontinued. However, all available
parts and accessories can be ordered below.

For similar replacement systems go to

PFM Pro Educational FM Systems

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Downloads:   * Easy Listener Tech Data (short form)      * Architectural Specification (long form)

    * Microphone User Manual                        * Easy Listener User Manual


Easy Listener Transmitter and Microphone Options

PE300T transmitter
PE300T Body-pack transmitter (discontinued)

OLM omni directional lapel microphoneOLM Omni-directional lapel microphone, PE # 890-88-303-00
Qty: Price: $90, 2-3 units $85 ea., 4+ $80 ea.

DLM Uni-directional lapel - hand-held microphoneDLM Directional lapel microphone, PE # 890-52-380-00
Qty: Price: $95, 2-3 units $90 ea., 4+ $85 ea.

BTN Behind-the-neck boom microphoneBTN Behind-the-neck boom microphone, PE # 890-88-300-00
Qty: Price: $90, 2-3 units $85 ea., 4+ $80 ea.

AT0720 conference table microphoneAT720 Conference microphone
Qty: Price: $95

V-cord for daisy-chaning two AT720 conference microphones AT0721 Daisy-chain Y-cord (use with two AT720 conference microphones) (discontinued)

Easy Listener Receivers and Listening Options

PE300R Single channel receiver
PE300R Single-channel receiver (discontinued)

PE350R Six-channel receiver
PE350R Six-channel receiver (discontinued)

Phonic Ear teleloop (neckloop) AT0163B Neckloop with AT543 16" connector cord (discontinued)

AT0541 Walkman style headset AT0541 Headset, standard (discontinued)

AT0606 Attenuated headset AT0606 Attenuated Headset
Qty: Price: $45.

AT0606 Attenuated headset AT0606-PD Attenuated Pediatric Headset
Qty: Price: $45.

AT0359 Stetoclip Headset with 100 ohm transducer and 30 inch cord
AT0359/16/545 Stetoclip headset (discontinued)

Replacement mushroom eartips for AT0359 stetoclipAT0352 Replacement mushroom eartips for AT0359 (discontinued)

AT0825 Swivel earphoneAT0825 Swivel Earphone(discontinued) Use Williams Sound EAR 008

Phonic Ear AT0538-S Binaural earbuds AT0538-S Binaural earbuds
Qty: Price: $28.

Phonic Ear AT0538-M Monaural earbudAT0538-M Monaural earbud (discontinued)

Phonic Ear AT0538-P earbud replacement cushionAT0538-P Earbud replacement cushions bag of 25 pcs)1-1:45;2-3:45;4+:45"

Easy Listener Power Options

AT534 Two-unit chargerAT0534 Two-unit charger (charges any two transmitter-receiver combination)
Qty: Price: $22, 2-3 units $20 ea., 4+ $18 ea.

2300 mAh SmartCharge batteryAA-BATT-X2 NiMH battery SmartCharge 2-Pack (replacement for GP1600).
Qty: Price: $15

Phonic Ear PE300C & PE500C 12-Pocket charger
PE300C & PE500C
12-Pocket charger case (discontinued)


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