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FrontRow ToGo Portable Sound Field System
for Educational Institutions, Conferences, Corporate Meetings, Parks and Recreation.

The FrontRow ToGo can handle crowds up to 150 people. To increase coverage, multiple wireless FrontRow speakers can be added in no time - setup is that simple. The system includes a wall mount bracket with quick release so it is ready to go in seconds.

FrontRow ToGo Line Array Speaker System and Accessories

FrontRow ToGo - A totally hands free PA system with wireless microphones

Click to enlarge Frontrow ToGo Sound Field System
For RFQ call 888.736.6005 or email rfq.centrumsound.com

925SYS-216 includes:
(1) 925RS Rechargeable line array speaker cord
(1) Table stand
(1) Wall mount bracket
(1) 925C Two-unit microphone charger
(1) RDS-ACC FrontRow accessories kit
(1) 925T Body-pack transmitter with headband microphone
choice of optional microphones

To view available options, click on Accessories tab above.

Wireless Mic 1   Mic 2    Qty:  Price: $999  

FrontRow ToGo Add-ons, Replacement Parts and Accessories


Free shipping Continental US for orders over $50

For RFQ call 888.736.6005 or email rfq.centrumsound.com

925RS Kit Speaker with two wireless receivers

925RS Kit  Add one or more wireless speakers for added coverage. The 925RS speaker kit includes two built-in wireless receivers, antenna, power cord, table stand and wall-mount bracket.
Qty: Price: $825

AT0831 Replacement antenna for 925RS

AT0831 Replacement antenna for 925RS
Qty: Price: $12

AT0824 FrontRow/Radium Tripod floor stand

AT0824 FrontRow/Radium Tripod floor stand. Sturdy collapse-able tripod stand. Stands 53" tall (20" collapsed). Fits in carry bag.
Qty: Price: $169

925TS Table stand for 925RS speaker

925TS Table stand for 925RS speaker
Qty: Price: $42 FrontRow part # 895-88-320-00

925WB Wall mounting bracket with quick release for 925RS speaker

925WB Wall mounting bracket with quick release for 925RS speaker.
Qty: Price: $42 FrontRow part # 895-88-322-00

925BAG FrontRow ToGo Carry Bag

925BAG FrontRow ToGo Carry Bag
Holds complete system incl. tripod.
Qty: Price: $60 FrontRow part #  895-88-025-00


Free shipping Continental US for orders over $50

925H  wireless handheld microphone

925H FrontRow/Radium Wireless handheld microphone (same as 922T).
Easy to pass along wireless microphone. Includes two NiMH AA size rechargeable batteries.
Qty: Price: $198 FrontRow part # 925H-216

925T wireless body-pack transmitter

925T FrontRow/Radium Wireless body-pack transmitter (same as 921T).
Includes two NiMH AA size rechargeable batteries. BTN and/or DLM microphones are sold separately.
Qty: Price: $198 FrontRow part # 925T-216

BTN Behind-the-neck boom microphone

BTN Behind-the-neck boom microphone
FrontRow standard microphone as included with 925SYS-216 package (2.5 mm plug).
Qty: Price: $89 FrontRow part #  890-88-300-00

DLM Directional lapel microphone

DLM Directional lapel microphone with 2.5 mm plug. Includes clip and lanyard. Reduced feedback margin with this option. Wind screens are sold separately.
Qty: Price: $89 FrontRow part #  890-52-380-00

Wind screen for Headset microphone

BTN-WND Wind Screen, 6-pack.Fits above BTN and DLM microphones.
Qty: Price: $29. FrontRow part # 890-88-306-00.

Battery cover

925H-BATC Replacement battery cover for models 922T and 925H.
Qty: Price: $6 FrontRow part # 900-7402-176

Battery cover

925T-BATC Replacement battery cover for models 921T and 925T.
Qty: Price: $5 FrontRow part # 900-7402-165

Belt-pack clip

925T-CLIP Replacement clip for 916T, 921T and 925T.
Qty: Price: $5 FrontRow part # 330-7402-103


Free shipping Continental US for orders over $50

925C 2-Unit Microphone Charging Cradle

925C 2-Unit Microphone Charging Cradle. Charges two transmitters (any combination handheld/body-pack). Includes power supply AT0819.
Qty: Price: $75

Power supply for 925C 2-Unit Microphone Charging Cradle

AT0819 Replacement power supply for 925C charging cradle.
Qty: Price: $75

2300 mAh SmartCharge battery

AA-BATT-X2 2300 mAh SmartCharge battery, 2-Pack.
Qty: Price: $15

Power cord for 925RS

925RS-PC Replacement power cord for 925RS, 6 ft
Qty: Price: $15 Third-party product

Replacement battery for 925RS

925-BAT Replacement battery for 925RS.
Qty: Price: $131 FrontRow part #  374-88-010-00

For RFQ call 888.736.6005 or email rfq.centrumsound.com

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All about the Portable FrontRow ToGo Line Array System

The FrontRow ToGo is a totally wireless portable PA and soundfield system. Therefore, it is not only perfect for amplification in classrooms but also suitable for general PA applications in areas that are not equipped with a house PA. It can be placed on a tabletop or put on a floor stand. FrontRow UserEither way, set up is fast, simple, and convenient. The FrontRow ToGo is also supplied with a pair of wall brackets for permanent installation. A quick release design lets you take it off the wall in seconds and place it on the included table stand or an optional floor stand.

Wireless Microphones. The FrontRow ToGo system features two built-in wireless receivers for operation in the 216 MHz band. Each receiver has eight user selectable channels for a total of 16 different frequencies. That means two instructors can teach using two hands-free wireless body-worn transmitters or two handheld microphones simultaneously. Or, use a combination of  one instructor's wireless body-worn transmitters and a hand-held microphone transmitter to pass around between the students. To improve coverage for larger crowds and/or in odd shaped rooms, one or more wireless 925RS speakers can added as long as they are within the 200 ft. transmission range of the wireless microphones.

Rechargeable Batteries. FrontRow ToGo provides up to 6.5 hours of completely wireless operating time. When done, just drop the wireless microphone(s) into the two-unit chargerFrontRow ToGo wireless sound field systems control panel (click to enlarge) and connect the power cord to the loudspeaker. It can't get any simpler than that. In the event of longer scheduled presentations, the 925RS speaker can run on AC power while it also recharge the battery. Wireless microphones can operate for more than 12 hours on a six hour charge but can also operate on regular AA size alkaline batteries.

In and Output Controls. The FrontRow ToGo high-quality directional loudspeakers provide full, clear sound. A separate volume control for each channel, an adjustable tone control, plus a volume control for the auxiliary input port gives teachers control over the classroom auditory experience. MP3/CD players, TV or sound from other audiovisual sources can easily be mixed in via the 3.5 mm input connector. An audio jack with a High/Low level switch provides audio output to recorders or other transmitters for rebroadcasting to other loudspeakers or assistive listening devices.

Line Array Design. The column speaker technology applied in the FrontRow ToGo sound system takes advantage of the effects of cancellationRadium wireless sound field system reinforcement chart and reinforcement that occur when spacing two loudspeaker cones a precise distance apart (phase angling). Because the FrontRow ToGo speakers are phase angled, sound cancellation occurs at the top and bottom of the speaker enclosure. This reduces the amount of sound reflecting off the floor and ceiling and therefore reduces reverberation. In addition, reinforcement occurs at the center of the FrontRow ToGo speaker. The sound energy that would ordinarily bounce off the ceiling and floor is directed in front of the speaker. This means that the sound from the FrontRow ToGo speakers drops only 4dB for every doubling of distance up to about 23 feet giving twice the audibility of a conventional speaker at the back of the classroom.

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