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Portable PA and Wireless Sound Systems

for Sporting Events, Education, Law Enforcement, Military, Parks and Recreation.

Centrum Sound offers a full line of portable PA and sound systems with Bluetooth and wireless microphones for indoor and outdoor applications. Ranging from compact body worn systems to large venue sound systems with wireless remote speakers, we offer solutions for practically any event requiring a portable PA or sound system - be it for small groups of just 20 people or for events with up to 5,000+ people.

Anchor Audio Liberty 2 Platinum Portable Sound System

Liberty 2 Portable Bluetooth Sound System
The Anchor Audio Liberty 2 battery powered sound system delivers unprecedented performance and is designed to reach crowds of 1,500+ people with a single speaker and twice that with a wireless companion speaker. With its 117 dB of clear sound combined with a rugged design and six-year warranty, it is no wonder Liberty is the industry leader in its class.

Anchor Audio MegaVox Pro Portable PA System

MegaVox 2 Portable PA System
The MegaVox 2 from Anchor Audio is now available with up to four (4) wireless microphones. A long lasting lightweight built-in Lithium Ion battery makes it easy to carry and set up anywhere. With an operating time of 6 - 8 hours on a single charge and 119 dB SPL of clear speech projection, the MegaVox is your only choice when reaching the target audience is of paramount importance.

Anchor Audio Beacon Line Array sound system

Beacon 2 Compact Line Array Sound System
The Beacon wireless sound system provides a 120° dispersion pattern for distances up to 500 ft. It can reach crowds of 2,500+ people with just one system. Standard packages include Bluetooth receiver with choice of up to four (4) wireless microphones. To extend the coverage area, optional wireless companion speakers may be added.

Anchor Audio Bigfoot 400 Watt Portable Bluetooth Sound System with up to 4 wireless microphones

Bigfoot High Performance Line Array Sound System
The Anchor Audio Bigfoot 2 is the newest, biggest, and most powerful all-in-one portable sound system on the market. Designed to cover a football field, this thunderous battery powered sound system is up to any challenge. With a rated output of 300 watts, this bad boy packs a punch - yet easily sets up in seconds. Bigfoot can cover crowds up to 5,000 people with a single speaker.

Anchor Audio Go Getter indoor/outdoor sound system

Go Getter 2 All In One PA Sound System
The Go Getter system is ideal for both voice projection and background music. Weighing in at less than 20 pounds, the Go Getter is easy to transport and set up on a speaker stand. Simply turn on the wireless microphone(s), pair your Bluetooth device and the system is ready to go. Like all the above Anchor Audio systems, the Go Getter 2 sound system is available with up to four (4) wireless microphones and optional wireless companion speakers.

Anchor Audio MiniVox Lite tour guide PA system

MiniVox Lite Tour Guide PA System
MiniVox Lite by Anchor Audio is a lightweight, compact conveniently battery-operated PA system. Be it for indoor or outdoor applications, it easily handles crowds up to 100 people. Several wireless microphones styles are available.

FrontRow portable sound field system

FrontRow ToGo Soundfield PA System
Truly wireless, the FrontRow ToGo is the perfect soundfield system for crowds up to 150 people. The system is suitable for portable and permanently installed applications alike. Place the wireless speaker on a tabletop, put it on a floor stand or mount it on a wall. Either way, set up is fast, simple, and convenient. The FrontRow ToGo can operate up to 8 hours on a full charge.

Anchor Audio AN-1000XU2+ wireless speaker monitor

Anchor Audio AN-1000X+ Speaker Monitors
Command the audience. You can do it with the Anchor Audio AN-1000X+ AC powered wireless microphone speaker monitor systems. The AN-1000X+ is also ideal for use with your video projector, CD/DVD player or PC. Mount it on a stand, place on the table, set the volume and you’re ready to go!

Anchor Audio  CouncilMAN portable conference PA system

CouncilMAN Portable Conference Microphone System
With a powered Monitor Speaker and up to 16 Chairman/Delegate microphones, the CouncilMAN portable PA system is designed to meet to the demands of any environment. CouncilMAN travels from the council chamber to community center with ease of set-up and simplicity of use. With an optional wireless microphone, the panel takes questions from the audience.

ChatterVox 6 Personal PA system

ChatterVox 6 Personal PA System
The ChatterVox 6 personal PA system can handle groups up to 60 people even in noisy environments. The unique "hip-worn" amplifier design weighs less than two pounds and can operate 8-10 hours on an overnight charge.

ChatterVox Pro Personal voice amplification system

ChatterVox Pro Personal Voice Amplifier
ChatterVox Pro personal PA system can handle groups up to 60 people even in noisy environments. The unique "hip-worn" amplifier design weighs less than two pounds and can operate 8-10 hours on an overnight charge.

Explorer portable sound system discontinued

Discontinued Products

Looking for a bargain, can't find the right replacement parts, or just looking for product information for an older system? We may have what you are looking for.

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