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AN-1000X+ Speaker Monitors

Command the classroom, dominate the board room, enthrall the lecture hall; you can do it all with the Anchor Audio AN-1000X+ speaker monitor. This lightweight, easy to use system, will fill the room with your voice. And, with the wireless microphone option, you’re free to move around the room. The AN-1000X+ is also ideal for use with your laptop, video projector and CD/DVD player.

AN-1000X+ Packages and Accessories

AN-1000XU2+ Wireless Packages with choice of 1 or 2 wireless microphones

Part # AN-1000WM1 and AN-1000WM2 includes:
(1) AN-10000XU2+ speaker monitor
with one (1) dual wireless receiver
and choice of (1) or (2) wireless microphones - VIEW

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Select Wireless Mic 1  Mic 2 (AN-1000-WM2 only)

Part #  AN-1000WM1  $886    Part #  AN-1000WM2  $1,212 Qty:

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