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Williams Sound Digi-WAVE Tour Guide System
for Factories, Museums, Tourist Attractions, Bus Tours and Educational Institutions

The Digi-WAVE tour guide systems can play a key role in enhancing communication between tour guides and tour group members. It helps overcome background noise and distance from the tour guide - even in extremely noisy surroundings. The Digi-WAVE tour guide system saves the tour guide’s voice, enhances the experience of the tour group members, and ensures that the presentation doesn't disturb those outside the tour group.

Digi-WAVE One- and Two-way Tour Guide Systems    *) rechargeable

DWS TGS 10 300  1-way system for one tour guide and 10 visitors expandable   

Williams Sound DWS TGS 10 Tour guide system

1 DLT 300 Transceiver with choice of microphone option
10 DLR 360 Receivers with choice of listening option
10 BAT 010-2 AAA alkaline batteries
1 CCS 044 Silicone skin
1 CCS 030 DW 16 System carry case

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