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MegaVox Pro Public Address System

Made in USA by Anchor Audio

The MegaVox Pro battery powered wireless PA system delivers 119 dB sound pressure levelĀ of clear speech projection from a 20 watt amplifier and reaches a distance of 100 yards. It can reach crowds of 1,000 people with a single speaker. Wired or wireless companion speakers can be set up for greater coverage. Use the MegaVox Pro outdoors for speaking engagements, announcements, band practice, track meets, emergency preparedness, auctions, shooting ranges, military trainings, and more!

MegaVox Pro Packages, Speakers, Parts and Accessories.

MegaVox Pro Basic Package with 1 wireless microphone

Click to enlarge MegaVox MEGA-BP Basic Package

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MEGA-BP includes:
- One (1) MEGA-8000U1 Speaker amplifier with
  Bluetooth receiver and 1 wireless UHF receiver
- One (1) SS-550 speaker stand
- One (1) RC-8000 charger

- and choice of one (1) wireless microphone

WH-6000 hand-held microphone transmitter
Hand-held mic
Optimal performance

Headband microphone
Headband mic
Optimal performance

UltraLite microphone
UltraLite mic
Use indoor only

Collar microphone
Collar Mic
Restricted head movements

Lapel microphone
Lapel mic
Reduced feedback margin

Wireless mic Qty: Price $ 1,280 

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