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MiniVox Lite Compact PA System by Anchor Audio

The MiniVox Lite is the most convenient wireless PA system that delivers that crystal clear Anchor Audio sound for crowds up to 50 people. Tour guides, auctioneers and cheerleaders all over the U.S. rely on the power and light weight of the MiniVox Lite for their everyday activities.

MiniVox Lite packages and accessories

  MiniVox Lite Basic Package

Click to enlarge MiniVox Lite-BP Basic Package

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LITE-BP includes:
One (1) AN-MINI Speaker amplifier
One(1) MIC-50 hand-held microphone
One (1) RC-30 charger kit
One (1) SOFT-30 soft case

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MIC-50 wired microphone
MIC-50 Microphone
Included with LITE-BP and LITE-DP

RC-30 Recharge kit
RC-30 Charger kit
Included with all packages

Soft-30 color options
SOFT-30 Colors

Optional case colors for LITE-BP or LITE-DP packages


Select SOFT-30 case color:  Qty:    Price $ 342 

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