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Personal FM Communication Systems
for Educational Institutions and ADA Compliance in Public Facilities.

The Personal FM System from Williams Sound delivers superior FM audio and enhances sound by overcoming distance and background noise. Perfect for classrooms, the PFM system maximizes a student's ability to hear and ensures that the speaker's message is heard clearly. Use the transmitter to mix and broadcast a speaker's voice plus an audio program, simultaneously, in one room.

Replacement for Easy Listener and Motiva FM systems

  Williams Sound PFM PRO RCH Personal FM System

  One-way communication system for one (1) instructor and one (1) listener, expandable.  

Click to enlarge MegaVox MEGA-BP Basic Package

(1) PPA T46 Transmitter with choice of Mic style
(1) PPA R37N Receiver with choice of listening option
(1) BAT KT6 Charger Kit consisting of
      (1) CHG 3502 dual drop-in charger and
      (1) BAT 026-2 rechargeable batteries.
(1) CCS 043 system carry case

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