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SoundPlus Mid-range Infrared Systems
for Educational Institutions, Courtrooms, City and Government Facilities

The infrared light transmission technology (IR) offers certain advantages whether it is for hearing enhancement and ADA compliance, or, for language translation/audio description applications. The infrared signal does not penetrate through walls thus offering security to sensitive transmissions. This advantage is particularly valuable in courtrooms and multiplex facilities such as movie houses. All receivers can be identical and used in anyone auditorium without interference or signal pickup from adjacent rooms. Two channel systems are available for simultaneous language interpretation, audio description or stereo transmission.

Williams Sound Pre-packaged Mid-range Infrared (IR) Systems

  • WIR SYS 7518 PRO
  • WIR SYS 7522 PRO
  • Build your own system
  • All about the WIR SYS 7500 series

  WIR SYS 7518 PRO

  Two-channel IR system for coverage up to 4,000 sq. ft. in single-channel mode, expandable.   

WIR SYS 7518 PRO Mid-range Infrared Systems

(1) WIR TX75c PRO IR transmitter (2.3/2.8 MHz standard)
(1) WIR TX75-S Slave emitter
(5) WIR RX18 Stetho-style receivers
(1) CHG 518 Five-bay, drop-in charger
(1) BKT 024 Wall / ceiling mount kit
(1) MLB 003 Slave linking bar
(1) TFP 046 International power supply with U.S. mains AC plug
(1) IDP 008 ADA wall plaque

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