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ChatterVox Pro 100 Personal Speech Amplifier
for Educational Institutions, Tour Guides, Parks and Recreation

The ChatterVox Pro 100 personal speech amplification systems offer effective everyday communication while reducing vocal stress and strain for people in a vast range of occupations. ChatterVox is great for School Teachers, Tour Guides, Performers, Aerobic Instructors, Corporate Trainers, Public Speakers, Trade Show Personnel, Storytellers, Coaches, Auctioneers . . . .  the list goes on and on.  Nobody beats the ChatterVox in ease of use and sound quality.

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   ChatterVox Pro 100  -  A Complete System consisting of:

ChatterVox personal personal PA system

ChatterVox with HM-100 headset microphone  +
Model 100 speech amplifier includes 12" belt-extension

Rechargeable AA Battery, NiMH

Charger with rechargeable batteries  +
120 Volt US charger with six NiMH batteries

ChatterVox storage case

Storage case with optional cover
Textured neoprene fanny-pack cover recommended

Options:  Mic:  Fanny-pack:

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