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Simultaneous Language Interpretation Systems

for Courtrooms, Educational Institutions, Conferences and Houses of Worship

Centrum Sound offers a variety of simultaneous language interpretation systems and equipment ranging from personal portable FM systems to large area installed multi-channel infrared systems. All systems fulfills the Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility requirements for hearing assistance and may be used for audio description as well (neckloops sold separately).

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Williams Sound TGS 737 PRO tour guide system

TGS PRO Multi-user One-way Systems
The TGS PRO FM systems from Williams Sound are available in single channel and multi-channel packages. It is one of the most versatile and economical solutions for providing hearing assistance in multi-language environments where confidentiality is not an issue.
Williams Sound TGS 737 PRO tour guide system

Digi-Wave Language Interpretation System

Digi-WAVE Multi-App Interpretation Systems
The Williams Sound Digi-WAVE systems are designed to provide all functions necessary for simultaneous language interpretation of up to 14 languages where a floor, or common language is used. An unlimited number of listener’s can select their language.
Williams Sound DigiWAVE Language Interpretation Systems
Williams Sound DigiWAVE assistive listening system New Digi-WAVE Personal One-On-One Systems
The Digi-WAVE personal communication systems by Williams Sound are completely portable, wireless, single speaker, single language interpretation system. They are available in one-way, two-way and team interpreter packages.
Williams Sound DigiWAVE Personal Communication Systems
PPA 375 FM system for language translation and audio description PPA VP Compact Base Station Systems
With a transmission range of up to 500 feet, the PPA VP is an economical solution for events requiring hearing assistance in a larger multi-language environment. The system is available with single-channel and multi-channel receivers as well as several choices of microphones.
PPA VP FM system for language translation and audio description
PPA 458 NET Large area multi-channel hearing assistance system NEW  PPA 458 PRO Large Area FM System
The PPA 458 PRO features the cutting-edge PPA T45 transmitter, with multiple digital and analog audio input options and an OLED display with easy-to-manage menu navigation. Available with multi-channel receivers, it is great for simultaneous language translation and/or audio description.
PPA 457/458NET PRO FM system for hearing assistance, language translation and audio description
Easy Listener replacement parts Easy Listener Replacement Parts Only
The Easy Listener Portable FM system has been discontinued. We recommend the Motiva PFM 330 and PFM 360 as a viable alternative. However, we still carry a large inventory of original replacement parts for the Easy Listener FM system.
Easy Listener replacement parts
Williams Sound 4-channel infrared courtroom system SoundPlus Infrared Multi-Channel Systems
With the help of an interpreter, the SoundPlus IR system ensures that all courtroom participants hear the proceedings and message equally. You can broadcast up to four languages simultaneously during a proceeding. Listeners wear lavaliere receivers equipped with headsets or neckloops. For quotations, please contact Centrum Sound. Click on image to enlarge.
Click here to download: Courtroom brochure - Technical Data - User Guide
Available receivers styles: RX12-4 Body-pack - RX14-2 Headset - RX16 Stetho
StarSound 600 infrared language translation system StarSound 600 Two-Channel Infrared System
The StarSound 600 IR system by Phonic Ear is great for applications requiring hearing assistance along with simultaneous language interpretation and/or audio description. Equipped with two microphone inputs as well as two RCA line level inputs,  the emitter easily sets up to accommodate any two channel application. Each emitter panel is supplied with a wall mount bracket. However, when mounted on an optional tripod, the system can easily be brought from one room to an other.