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Tour Guide Audio Systems
for factory tours, historical sites, museums, tour buses/vans and walking tours

Wireless tour guide systems help alleviate background noise and distance problems associated with guided tours in varying environments. Lightweight economical PA systems are great for smaller tour groups while RF audio systems offer superior solutions for tour applications where PA amplification would otherwise be disruptive. RF audio systems can also fulfill the accessibility requirements for hearing assistance in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Tour Guide System TGS PRO by Williams Sound TGS PRO FM Tour Guide Systems by Williams Sound
The TGS PRO family of tour guide systems can be configured to accommodate up to sixteen tour groups simultaneously with no cross talk or interference. With a variety of microphone and headphone styles to choose from, the TGS PRO systems offer great sound quality and is a durable solution for factory tours, museums, power plants, zoos, theme parks, tourist attractions, bus and walking tours.
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Go to DigiWave tour guide system Digi-WAVE Tour Guide Systems with Pass-Around Microphone Capability
The Digi-WAVE tour guide system by Williams Sound can be configured for one or two tour guides in one or two-way communication mode. Up to four groups can simultaneously use the system in 2-way communication mode, 15 groups in 1-way mode. It is slim, lightweight, and simple to set up and use. With 2.4 GHz operation harmonized for use in most countries, the Digi-WAVE is a global turn-key solution.
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Go to ChatterVox Pro Personal PA system ChatterVox Pro 100 Tour Guide PA System
The classic ChatterVox Pro 100 body-worn PA system is ideal for smaller tour groups up to 35 people. The unique "fanny-pack" amplifier design weighs less than two pounds and can operate 14 hours on a single over night charge. TheĀ  standard headset microphone is comfortable to wear and provides for convenient hand-free operation.
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Go to ChatterVox 6 Personal PA system ChatterVox 6 Tour Guide PA
The ChatterVox 6 PA system provides more power and reach than the classic ChatterVox Pro 100 above. It can handle groups up to 60 people even in noisy environments. The unique "hip-worn" amplifier design weighs less than two pounds and can operate 8-10 hours on a single over night charge..
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Go to MiniVox Lite Personal PA system MiniVox Lite Tour Guide PA System
MiniVox Lite is a lightweight, compact, conveniently battery operated personal PA system. Be it for indoor or outdoor applications, it easily handles crowds up to 100 people. Several wireless microphones styles are available.
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Go to TourVox PA system TourVox PA Systems
The TourVox hands-free PA systems by Anchor Audio deliver crystal clear voice amplification and is designed to be used by tour guides or anyone addressing small crowds of people. It reaches crowds of 100+ and can operate 8-10 hours on a single charge.
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Go to Closeouts, Parts, and Discontinued Systems Clearance Sale and Discontinued Products
Looking for a bargain or just looking for product information for an older system? We may have what you are looking for.
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