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Simultaneous Language Interpretation Systems
for Educational, Courtroom, Worship, Conference, Government & Military Applications

Centrum Sound offers a variety of simultaneous language interpretation systems and equipment ranging from portable one-on-one systems to multilingual large area installed systems.

Language translation system TGS PRO by Williams Sound TGS PRO Multi-user One-way Systems
The TGS PRO FM systems from Williams Sound are available in single channel and multi-channel packages. It is one of the most versatile and economical solutions for providing hearing assistance in multi-language environments where the floor speaker is not amplified (no PA system installed) and where confidentiality is not an issue.
Go to DigiWave language translation system Digi-Wave 400 Language Interpretation Systems
The Williams Sound Digi-Wave systems are designed to provide all functions necessary for simultaneous language interpretation of up to 14 languages where a floor, or common language is used. An unlimited number of listener’s can select their language.
Williams Sound DigiWAVE assistive listening system Digi-Wave One-on-One Personal System
The Digi-Wave personal communication system by Williams Sound is a portable wireless single language interpretation system. It is great for courtroom interpreters and is available in one-way, two-way and team interpreter packages.
PPA 375 FM system for language translation and audio description PPA VP Compact Base Station Systems
With a transmission range of up to 500 feet, the PPA VP is an economical solution for events requiring hearing assistance in a larger multi-language environment. The system is available with single-channel and multi-channel receivers as well as several choices of microphones.
IR-T2 Mid-range Infrared Systems SoundPlus Infrared 2-Channel Systems
The new SoundPlus IR T2 commercial-grade, medium-area infrared transmitter is ideal for assistive listening and language interpretation in commercial spaces such as conference rooms, assisted living facilities, small cinema/theaters, classrooms and courtrooms. It can cover up to 18,000 sq. ft. in single-channel mode with the RX22-4 receiver.
FM 557 FM + Wi-Fi Large area multi-channel assistive listening system New FM + Wi-Fi Large Area FM System
The new FM + Wi-Fi system features the cutting-edge FM T55 transmitter with multiple digital and analog audio input options, and an OLED display with easy-to-manage menu navigation. Available with multi-channel receivers, it is great for simultaneous language translation and/or audio description.
StarSound 600 infrared language translation system Clearance Sale and Discontinued Products
Looking for a bargain or just looking for product information for an older system? We may have what you are looking for.


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