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The Easy Listener Personal FM System

as recommended by     Great Schools     has been replaced with the

Williams Sound PFM PRO RCH
Williams Sound Personal PFM PRO FM system

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Easy Listener Parts

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The Easy Listener personal FM system can be used with hearing aids or as a stand-alone hearing system to help combat background noise, distance to sound source, and/or reverberation that can interfere with clear speech understanding. With 40 narrow-band channels to choose from and an operating range of up to 100 feet, it is easy to understand why this lightweight and very easy to operate Easy Listener is one of the most popular personal FM systems and the preferred choice for disabled student services in colleges and universities, language interpretation and tour guide applications in courtrooms, factories, museums, etc.

Easy Listener Personal FM transmitter, PE300T The Easy Listener body-pack FM transmitter, model PE300T, features a charge light, a microphone jack, an auxiliary input jack that also serves as the charge jack, and a belt clip. The Easy Listener FM transmitter can power and accepts input from an assortment of electret microphones with 2.5 mm sub-mini plugs. For hearing impaired students in a classroom setting, the OLM omnidirectional lapel microphone offers the best solution while the DLM directional microphone is best for students with central auditory processing disorder (CAPD). To avoid feedback when the Easy Listener transmitter is used in conjunction with a sound field system, the BTN behind-the-neck boom microphone should be the first choice, second choice the DLM microphone. As shown in the picture below, the BTN boom microphone can also be worn as a  collar microphone. The BTN boom microphone is also great for courtroom interpreters and other language translation applications where the voice level must be kept low. For personal assistive listening applications where the FMAT655 Behind-the-neck boom microphone system may be used in noisy environments, the DLM directional microphone offers the best solution. The Easy listener is also capable of powering one or two AT721 or CM-3 conference table microphones. With this option, there is no need to pass the microphone and transmitter around the table. This makes the Easy Listener ideal for ADA compliance in  areas that are not otherwise equipped with PA systems. The auxiliary jack accepts line level input from external sound sources such as Audiovisual aids, Laptops, CD and MP3 players. The microphone may be used simultaneously with the auxiliary input. This allows the instructor to interact during audio visual presentations.

The Easy Listener FM receiver, model PE300R, features a volume control with built-in on-off switch as the only user operated control. It can't get simpler than that. The 3.5 mm combination output/charge jack which acceptsEasy Listener Personal FM Receiver, PE300R assistive listening device both mono  and stereo plugs, is capable of driving a variety of listening options ranging from standard headphones for language translation to neckloops for hard of hearing people with profound hearing losses. These options include but are not necessarily limited to mono and stereo headphones, monaural or binaural silhouette inductors, neckloops, direct audio input (DAI) cords for coupling directly to hearing aids, monaural and binaural hearing aid transducers, and a great variety of earbuds and standard earphones. However, it should be noted that most over-the-counter headphones and  earbuds do not fulfill the ADA requirements for hearing assistance.

Over and beyond all the standard duties called upon, the Phonic Ear Easy Listener FM system is also great for team teaching applications. The concept of team teaching has become increasingly popular in classrooms and corporate instruction facilities across the country. The method offers greater flexibility for instructors and students because two teachers are able to simultaneously instruct a group of students. The team teaching concept may also be applied to tour groups, particularly in noisy factory settings where a second tour guide often is present. For a basic team teaching illustration, click Team Teaching Setup.

The Easy Listener FM system can operate for more than 40 hours on standard AA size alkaline batteries. Easy Listener 12-unit charger, model PE300C, for charging and storing up to 12 assistive listening devicesTwo batteries are required for each receiver and transmitter. However, for applications where the system is used on a daily basis, we recommend using rechargeable NiCad batteries with a typical life span of three years. For a single transmitter with one to three receivers, the AT0534 two-unit charger is recommended. The PE300C twelve-pocket lockable charger/accessories organizer makes a convenient carry/storage case for applications when multiple systems or receivers are required.

Easy Listener transmitters and receivers are covered by Phonic Ear's One-Year Limited Warranty. Peripheral accessories such as batteries, cords, earphones, headsets and neck-loops are covered by a 90-Day Warranty.