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Anchor Audio AN-30 AC Powered Mini PA System

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All about AN-30 AC Powered Mini PA System

The AC powered AN-30 by Anchor Audio delivers up to 100 dB of clear sound and is perfect for speech projection in indoor settings. Operation is simple. A volume control with on/off switch and a Mic Boost button constitutes the only user operated controls. When pushed in, the Mic Boost adds a boost to your voice when speaking to a larger crowd in a noisy environment. AN-30 User Equipped with built-in bracket mount screws the SB-30 optional wall bracket is easy to install, or it can be placed on the optional SS-300 speaker stand for optimal sound distribution. The AN-30 operates on a 12-volt power supply, model AC-30. The AN-30 is the perfect PA system for users who demand a small PA system with big sound.

LINK Wireless Microphone Option: Wireless Mic packages are equipped with a factory installed dual wireless microphone receiver. Two LINK wireless microphones can be paired with one receiver. Pairing is a one-time function. The handheld WH-LINK as well as the belt pack WB-LINK incorporate a volume and mute control so adjustments can be made on the spot rather than having to go to the main unit. The new LINK belt pack microphones feature a 3.5 mm locking plug. Choice of handheld, headband, collar, and lapel microphone is available with all wireless packages. an-30 rear panel Transmission range is 150+ ft line of sight.

Inputs and Outputs: All AN-30 models are equipped with an unbalanced 1/4" Lo-Z microphone input jack. In addition, all models feature a 3.5mm mini-jack line level Input and line level Output for daisy chaining multiple units. The 3.5 mm line level output jack can also be used to feed an assistive listening transmitter or a recording device.

A high-efficiency 4.5" neodymium woofer and a 30-watt amplifier makes the AN-30 capable of delivering up to 100 dB SPL. Although the AN-30 is not equipped with an output for an external loudspeaker, greater sound distribution can be achieved with the use of a wireless microphone. Simply place multiple AN-30 systems with built-in wireless receivers within the transmission range of the wireless microphone.